Top Adrenaline Inducing Activities in the Caribbean

Vacations should be relaxing, peaceful, and restorative… with the occasional excitement thrown to remind us that life is supposed to be fun.  When I Fly Her Away this summer, these are some of the adrenaline inducing activities I am considering…

To Fly Her Away is to remember what it’s like to go on an adventure.  To remember what it’s like to be two against the world without the stresses of money, jobs, children, children, children.  For every couple it will be a little different, but we have always been the adventurous sort…

According to Webster’s Dictionary, an Adventure is an Exciting or Dangerous experience

Please utilize the comment area below to identify which one (or two?) of these activities you would choose for your own Fly Her Away vacation.  Or maybe you know of something even more amazing you can recommend to other readers…

Disclaimer: None of these videos are mine.  They belong to their esteemed owners.  If you click on the lower right “YouTube” logo on the embedded videos, it will take you to the main video page where you can find more information if you like.

 Jetpack | Hoverboard | Fly-Board

How amazing would it be to fly like Iron Man or ride a hover-board like the Green Goblin?  As kids, every boy and girl (if my daughters are any indication) dresses up like superheros.  It’s a phase we remember fondly even if we do grow out of it.  Fortunately, with modern technology, adults are back in the game. 🙂

Virtually every island in the Caribbean has this experience available now.  It utilizes the water jet of a jet-ski, forcing the water that would usually propel the jet-ski into a hose that gives the rider the lift needed to fly.  Prices range from $100 to $200 per person, which includes instruction time and 30-45min of flight time, and reviews of every jetpack/hoverboard/flyboard company I could find operating on any of the Caribbean islands was overwhelmingly positive.

Check out this awesome video of Hover-Boarding and Fly-Boarding in the Caribbean.

Jungle Water Slide

While every Caribbean destination has water slides of some sort, usually near the beach, there are a few destinations with incredible slides through the jungle itself.  Unfortunately, due to restrictions that many tour operators have on video cameras, most don’t have great videos showing them off.  Below is an example of one from Costa Rica that is very similar to others in the Caribbean.  Prices range from free to $75 (the latter typically includes numerous other activities as well).


Hanging in a prone position from a cable that is smaller in diameter than your finger, you fly through the air reaching speeds up to 45mph or more.  Depending on the Caribbean locale you might zoom through trees or over crystal clear ocean.  Some are slow and leisurely, though most are relatively fast, and they can be as long as a half-mile or more in length.

Without fail, the zip-line is another activity highly recommended by reviewers of the various Caribbean destinations on TripAdvisor.  The video below is taken from the longest zip-line in Puerto Rico.

Prices tend to range from $75-$100 per person, and usually include other activities as well.

Sky Diving

And if none of the above is exhilarating enough, there is always the most exciting of all.  Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.  The views are incredible and vacationers absolutely love it.  Since you are attached to an expert, there is little you must do other than enjoy the ride.

This is the type of video you would receive from the tour operator and is a great example from Aruba.

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