Puerto Rico

Top Adrenaline Inducing Activities in the Caribbean

Vacations should be relaxing, peaceful, and restorative… with the occasional excitement thrown to remind us that life is supposed to be fun.  When I Fly Her Away this summer, these are some of the adrenaline inducing activities I am considering… (more…)

Finding Great Deals Using Google’s ITA Flight Matrix

So it’s February and you want to plan a trip to fly her away sometime this summer.  You’ve done your research into the best months to travel and, based on your availability, have decided that July is the best month to travel.

But when in July is the best time to travel?

Sites like Kayak and Momondo are great at finding flights, but at most you get a +/- 3 day window.

The easiest solution I’ve found is to use Google’s ITA Flight Matrix and check an entire month at once. (more…)