ITA Matrix

Best Sites to Find Vacation Packages

What is easier than bundling your flight and lodging into a single purchase while at the same time saving money?


Sometimes the easiest answer is also the best answer when it comes to travel planning.  Travel sites make money based from their reservations for cars, hotels, and flights, and are willing to give an extra discount if you buy more than one of those from the same company.  With so many companies vying for your business, which one is best? (more…)

Finding Great Deals Using Google’s ITA Flight Matrix

So it’s February and you want to plan a trip to fly her away sometime this summer.  You’ve done your research into the best months to travel and, based on your availability, have decided that July is the best month to travel.

But when in July is the best time to travel?

Sites like Kayak and Momondo are great at finding flights, but at most you get a +/- 3 day window.

The easiest solution I’ve found is to use Google’s ITA Flight Matrix and check an entire month at once. (more…)