Once upon a time, there was a prince and a beautiful princess.  A [monster] made off with the princess, the prince fought through a horde of [evil beings] to save her, and he brought her to his castle where they were married and lived happily ever after.

Remember those stories?

To this day, boys and girls grow up enamored by movies about princes and princesses, knights and wenches, peons and impossible loves.  If my kids had their way, they would watch movies like Frozen…on repeat.

Most men “toughen” up and suppress such fantastical notions as they grow up.  This isn’t the middle ages anymore.  These days, any man who so much as opens a door for a lady is “sexist“.

If you believe such nonsense, this blog is not for you.

‘Chick’ flicks are named that for a reason.  Women don’t lose status with their peers by dreaming of their knight in shining armor.  Those dreams make the movie industry hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

And admit it men. Though most of us claim to dislike chick flicks, do we turn down the benefits they provide to the relationship?

It’s okay to be romantic, and there is no romance like stealing your princess away on an exotic vacation.

Take her on an adventure…

Fly her away…