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Surprise Trip to Key West

Late post warning…again :-).   So I did it, I successfully surprised her!  In early December I had the opportunity to visit the Keys. I liked it so much that I immediately booked a surprise trip to fly her away a couple weeks later after Christmas.  Of course, it being Christmas time, I had to incorporate the surprise into a Christmas present, and video of it is great! (more…)

Puerto Vallarta Trip Journal – June 2015

I have a confession to make.

I wasn’t able to pull off the surprise, not completely.  I was just too excited and talked much too much about the trip.  Maybe the fact that she isn’t the type to ruin surprises made me complacent.  Either way, I was telling her about this amazing restaurant at our “destination”, and made the mistake of mentioning it was rated in the top 10 of all restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.  The funniest part of that story is that I didn’t realized I had given anything away until I asked her why she had a huge grin on her face.

Remembering Dominica – Scary Roads and Mosquito Borne Viruses

Dominica was my dream island.  I researched it until there was no more research to do.  2nd largest boiling lake in the world, 365 rivers, internationally recognized snorkeling…  The Nature Island of the Caribbean was going to be perfect!

…and then it wasn’t…  Hot nights, a wrecked rental, mosquito borne viruses, crazy roads…  What an adventure! (more…)

Update: Surprise Summer Trip 2015

Question: What is the best thing about non-refundable tickets?
Answer: Once they are bought, they must be used!

That’s right, the flights and lodging for our 2015 summer vacation are now paid for and I cannot wait to fly her away!

Unfortunately, despite my own tips and tricks on the subject, I learned some very valuable lessons.  When I wrote that you should learn from my mistakes, I didn’t expect the classes to start so soon… 🙂 (more…)

Once Upon a Time…

First, thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope that you will stick around, write comments, and throw out your own amazing ideas.  The more participation I get from readers, the more fun this experience will be for everyone.

There are two key ingredients I used to bake this crazy idea for a blog. (more…)