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Update: Surprise Summer Trip 2015

Question: What is the best thing about non-refundable tickets?
Answer: Once they are bought, they must be used!

That’s right, the flights and lodging for our 2015 summer vacation are now paid for and I cannot wait to fly her away!

Unfortunately, despite my own tips and tricks on the subject, I learned some very valuable lessons.  When I wrote that you should learn from my mistakes, I didn’t expect the classes to start so soon… 🙂 (more…)

Finding Great Deals Using Google’s ITA Flight Matrix

So it’s February and you want to plan a trip to fly her away sometime this summer.  You’ve done your research into the best months to travel and, based on your availability, have decided that July is the best month to travel.

But when in July is the best time to travel?

Sites like Kayak and Momondo are great at finding flights, but at most you get a +/- 3 day window.

The easiest solution I’ve found is to use Google’s ITA Flight Matrix and check an entire month at once. (more…)

Cheapest Flights to the Caribbean

Just the idea of flying her away is exciting, isn’t it?

Where will we go?
What will we do?
What amazing food are we going to eat?

So many questions…

But then it dawns on you that this trip is going to cost you.  Ultimately, you will want to invest wisely, and it is important to remember that this trip is an investment.  You are investing time and money in order to earn positive returns on your relationship.  This is not the time to slack off!

Fortunately, I have found that traveling the Caribbean doesn’t need to cost all that much if you follow just a few steps.  (more…)

Once Upon a Time…

First, thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope that you will stick around, write comments, and throw out your own amazing ideas.  The more participation I get from readers, the more fun this experience will be for everyone.

There are two key ingredients I used to bake this crazy idea for a blog. (more…)